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26.6% stake in ADLER Group

Strategic & largest shareholder in the new ADLER Group with 26.6%

In June 2020 the call option on our majority stake in Consus Real Estate sold to ADLER Group in December 2019 was exercised, contributing Consus into the freshly merged company of ADLER Real Estate AG and ADLER Group, forming one of Germany’s largest landlords.

The newly formed ADLER Group is one of Germany’s largest residential real estate platforms combining a EUR 8.6bn rental portfolio with a growth path in Germany’s core cities through the acquisition of Consus’ EUR 8bn gross development portfolio.
Aggregate followed its rights in the rights issue and has now acquired further shares to increase its stake from 22.5% to 26.6%

Aggregate Holdings is by a significant margin the largest shareholder in ADLER Group, a potential MDAX candidate in the near future.